Ryouhei Shingu

新宮 良平


1983年生まれ。京都府出身、慶應義塾大学環境情報学部卒。PYRAMID FILM INC.、東京のCG Studioを経て2010年よりフリーランス。CG/VFXを効果的に使用し、実写のみでは表現仕切れない幻想的な世界観や映画的ビジュアルを巧みに描き出す。2013年9月よりEPOCH Inc.へ所属

Born 1983, in Kyoto Prefecture. Graduated from Keio University, Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. After working at the CG studio in Tokyo for PYRAMID FILM INC., became freelance in 2010. Able to effectively employ CG and VFX technology to skillfully create imaginary worlds and cinematic visuals that are not possible with live action film only. Joined EPOCH Inc. in September 2013. Selected to the list of BNN 100 visual artists in 2015. Chosen for the MVA 2015 BEST VIDEOS 50. Won the MTV Video Music Awards Japan(VMAJ) 2015 Best New Artist Video.


MVA 2015 BEST VIDEOS 50 選出
MTV VMAJ2015 Best new Artist Video 受賞
BNN filmmaker 100 people 2015 election
MVA 2015 BEST VIDEOS 50 election
MTV VMAJ2015 Best new Artist Video Awards