Yasuhiro Arafune

荒船 泰廣


学生時代よりフリーの映像ディレクターとして活動を始め、2012年に株式会社KEYAKI WORKSに所属する。2018年、独立EPOCH Inc.へ所属。

 Arafune was born in Saitama Prefecture in 1984, and graduated from the Nihon University Art Department Photography program. Since my student days, he have worked as a freelance film director, and joined KEYAKI WORKS in 2012. he became independent in 2018, affiliated with EPOCH Inc.
He specialize in VFX-heavy productions with a sense of scale, and he is a recognized talent in the creation of images that “pop” with a blockbuster feel, drawing on motifs that originate in the sci-fi, horror, and martial arts action subcultures.
His motto is “Make cute things even cuter – and cool things even cooler.”