Ryohei Shingu

新宮 良平


PYRAMID FILM INC.を経て2010年よりフリーランス。

Born in 1983. A native of Kyoto Prefecture, he graduated from the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies at Keio University. He worked for Pyramid Film Inc., and has been freelance since 2010. He’s a fantasist who makes effective use of CG/VFX to skillfully depict fantastic world views and cinematic visuals. He is good at instantly absorbing what he sees into edgy cut work, VFX dynamism, and emotional high-speed expression. The basis of Shingu’s visual expression is manga, Japanimation, and state-of-the-art Hollywood movies from the 1990s to the present, and he has a reputation for being able to draw out a myriad of video expressions from unique perspectives. He is an innocent child searching single-mindedly for “cool”, creating images with an emphasis on the strength of one-cut visuals and on momentary emotions.

生于 1983 年。籍贯是京都府,毕业于庆应义塾大学环境信息学院。
在 PYRAMID FILM INC. 工作至 2010 年后成为自由工作者。
是一名通过有效使用 CG/VFX 从而匠心独具地描绘出幻想世界设定和电影般画面的幻想师。以能在看到的瞬间吸引观众的尖端剪辑手法、VFX 的强大感染力和感性的高速表达见长。
新宫的影像表达以漫画、日本动画和 90 年代以来最先进的好莱坞电影为基础,其以独特视角迸发出的缤纷影像表达颇有口碑。
怀着一心寻求“帅气”的无邪童心,重视每 1 个镜头的视觉强度和瞬间感染力,精心构筑影像。


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