Syujiro Ishizawa

石澤 秀次郎




2013年9月にクリエイティブエージェンシー株式会社EPOCHを設立、代表取締役としてDAISOのリブランディングから安室奈美恵のアルバムプロモーションやLEXUSのプロジェクションマッピング、LAWSONのMACHI cafeのプロモーションなどをプロデュースする。また、同社にて紀里谷和明氏、千原徹也氏、新宮良平氏、本郷伸明氏、斎藤渉氏をはじめとしたクリエイターのマネージメントを担当。


2018年にはEPOCHで培ったマネージメントノウハウを生かし、「えるマネージメント」、「dep Management」を立ち上げ、現在も顧問を担当し、総計46のクリエイターのマネージメント事業を統括する。

2019年11月には新会社「TIME MACHINE」を立ち上げ、代表取締役に就任後、AIスケジュールコンシュルジュサービス「スケコン」を同年12月に立ち上げ、開発、運営を担当している。

Born on March 15th, 1982. Graduated from the School of Business Administration at Meiji University in 2005.
Joined the sales department at Onward Kashiyama Co. Ltd. in 2005. Left the same company in 2008, and while studying CG production at Digital Hollywood, worked as editor of the book “100 Motion Graphic Creators”. Joined SONICJAM Inc. in March 2010, and served as web director while also being involved in several website and motion picture development projects.

Founded the creative agency EPOCH Inc. in September 2013. As CEO, produced various projects including the rebranding of DAISO, the promotion campaign of Namie Amuro’s album, LEXUS’s projection mapping, and the promotion campaign of LAWSON’s MACHI cafés. Also managed creators such as Kazuaki Kiriya, Tetsuya Chihara, Ryohei Shingu, Nobuaki Hongo, and Wataru Saito at the same company.

In 2017, proposed and began operating a creator platform with a project recruitment function, BAUS, as part of EPOCH’s service development efforts.

Established Eru Management and dep Management in 2018 by making use of management know-how gained at EPOCH. Currently serves as advisor to these two creator management agencies, which oversees the management of a total of 46 creators.

Founded a new company, TIME MACHINE, in November 2019. After appointment as CEO, established the AI scheduling management service ScheCon in December of the same year, and is responsible for its development and operation.