NHKオンライン データなび / スポーツの秋 体力データ大分析

NHK (日本放送協会)




また、番組内で放送されたシステム「都道府県対抗 子ども体力選手権」をWeb上に公開。番組終了後に、8種目100万人で体感できるインタラクティブ作品を視聴者が自由に操作、閲覧できるようにしました。

“Data Navi” is a series of informational variety programs that uses big data to view issues and trends that affect everyday lives as well as the future.
We worked on the planning, production, and CG design for the visualization of physical fitness test data for fifth graders all over Japan.
In addition, we took the “Prefectural Children’s Physical Fitness Championship” system used in the broadcast and made it available on the web. After the broadcast ended, visitors to the website were able to control and view the interactive feature for eight events and a million people.
The CG design for the show’s Data King mascot, who knows everything there is to know about data, was created some time ago by our staff members bait and Kota Yamaji.
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