Volkswagen × SHONAN T-SITE / e-driving

Volkswagen Japan



「感性アナライザ」と呼ばれるニューロカムを装着し「e-up!」を試乗する事で、自分ではきづいていない脳のキモチをリアルタイムに測定し、「enjoy」「exciting」「emotion」という3つの切り口で分析。『自分の本当のキモチ = 脳のキモチ』を可視化しEV車の優位性を実感させる新しい試乗体験を提供した。
A collaboration between the e-up!—Volkswagen’s first electric car—and the new Shonan T-SITE in Fujisawa Smart Town.
By equipping an “emotion analyzer” neurocam and taking the e-up! for a test drive, the subconscious feelings of the driver’s brain are measured and analyzed for enjoyment, excitement, and emotion. By visualizing what the brain is feeling, and by extension what the driver is truly feeling, the test drive demonstrates the superiority of electric cars.
After the test drive, participants can enjoy books and coffee that fit their tastes based on the analyzed data.