FANCLディープクリア洗顔パウダー /「黒の酵素洗顔 毛穴つるつるMattアントワネットな肌へ」WEBムービー



無添加化粧品や健康食品で知られるファンケルの「ディープクリア洗顔パウダー」WEB CMを制作しました。


On this project, from our company, kozue sato was in charge of direction, Fujimaki was in charge of production.

FANCL's "Deep Clear Face Wash Powder" WEB CM, which is known for additive-free cosmetics and health foods, was produced.

Deep Clear Face Wash Powder is an enzyme facial cleanser that removes dirt, darkening, and keratotic plugs all at once, and then cleanses your skin keeping moisture.
The powder that mixes charcoal and mud changes into cushion foam quickly, entangles dirt while moisturing, and you can feel refreshing pores.

This video expressed that "Deep clear face wash powder" solves women's complicated fights clearly in the taste of medieval Europe.